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Components and software solutions in high-tech industries are improved every year. Thermal imaging is no exception. Over time, users’ choices and preferences change. Moreover, with experience, users evolve their own requirements for device capabilities and operation. the Telos thermal handheld viewers are built with technology and user needs in mind. Telos is the first line in thermal cameras on the market with the possibility of a technical upgrade upon customer request. Own a Telos and get the opportunity to upgrade it flexibly and cost-effectively for years to come. Fit powerful optics, a higher resolution sensor and display, more efficient and functional electronics, or equip the Telos with a laser rangefinder (LRF) and additional optical channels so you always have the latest device, but at minimal upgrade costs. A highly sensitive thermal image sensor with NETD strong, <18mKensures stunning thermal image quality and perfect recognition of details even in the most difficult weather conditions, when thermal contrast is low. The smallest temperature differences will be clearly visible during rainfall, fog or cold mornings, in the most challenging conditions for a thermal camera.

Easy zoom control with the ring around the lens

With one hand, you can ideally adjust the image in the Telos – the focus and zoom rings are placed on the lens in the classic arrangement, back to back, as in professional camera lenses. The consistent arrangement of the rings allows you to get a clear image with the required magnification quickly and with minimal effort.

Advanced Pulsar Image Boost technologie

Pulsar Image Boost gives Telos thermal imaging cameras the highest level of detail, clarity and contrast using original image processing algorithms. TheTelos thermal imagers display complex scenes in a wide range of greyscale with uniformly radiating low-contrast objects, such as the sky, grass and water levels. Software refinement and sharpening of objects at different distances makes the thermal image highly informative. Manually increasing the sensitivity of the thermal image sensor improves the quality of animal detection when observation conditions deteriorate. An image smoothing filter and a wide range of brightness and contrast settings make prolonged observation comfortable.


Microbolometer 640×480 pix. @ 17 µm
NETD value <18
Type display/ resolutie AMOLED HD 1024×768
Objective F50/ 1.0
Frame rate 50 Hz
Enlargement 2.5 – 10x
Detection distance 1800 m
Photo/video recording yes
Photo/video resolution 1024×768
Wi-Fi yes
Stream Vision yes
Type accu LPS 7i Li-Ion Battery Pack

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