Liemke Keiler 1


Brilliant image thanks to high-resolution 640×512 pixel 12 μm VOx sensor and 35mm f/1.0 lens. Advanced image processing software and two easy-to-change image modes for different observation conditions ensure a natural image with very good detail recognition, even in different weather conditions. Five colour modes allow you to use the camera according to your individual preferences. Easily manage main menu, zoom and other functions via a scroll wheel in the centre of the camera. Customise the menu navigation with standard, customised and basic modes and the quick menu to suit your needs. This gives you quick access to frequently used functions.

Even in complete darkness, you can find all the important buttons intuitively – thanks to its excellent operation. Now you can get started: after switching on, the device is ready to use within five seconds!

Capture your hunting experiences permanently! The KEILER-1 can be easily connected to the LIEMKE app via the WiFi function. Moreover, images and videos can be easily saved.


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Detector and Optics

-Objective lens: 35 mm f/1.0
-Field of view: 22×17.6m / 100m-12.5°x10.0°
-Resolution and type: 640×512 VOx
-Pixel pitch: 12μm
-Pixel field of view (PFOV): 0.34mrad
-Detection range: 1,750m
-Frequency: 50Hz
-NETD: 50mK
-Magnification: 1.9x optical magnification (digital zoom up to 10x).
-Focusing range: 1 m to infinity
-Display: 1024×768 px OLED

Features and media

-Internal memory: 32GB
-WiFi and app compatibility: yes
– Battery life: up to 9 hours

Physical and environmental characteristics

-Dimensions: 158x72x47mm
-Weight: 465g
-Waterproof: IP67 (dustproof / waterproof when briefly immersed)
-Operating and storage temperature: -20 °C to +50 °C / -40 °C to +70 °C