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Viper-Flex’s Styx Pro To Go travelling shootingstick is extra optimised for low weight and compactness, making it ideal for hunting trips and very long hunting expeditions. It weighs 950 g and has a pack size of 65 cm when disassembled.

Placing the rifle on the shooting stick significantly reduces shaking and makes aiming and firing correspondingly more precise.

It can be used sitting, kneeling or standing. The minimum height of the Styx Pro To Go is 91 cm, and hunters up to a height of 210 cm can use it.

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The travel goalpost Viper-Flex Styx Pro To Go in detail Manufacturer: Viper-Flex Manufacturer’s ref. no.: VX010401 Basic length: 91 cm Transport length: 65 cm Telescopic weight: 950 g made of carbon and anodised aluminium almost noiseless adjustable can be used standing, kneeling and sitting reduces vibrations more precise shooting

higher accuracy
very compact
ideal for travelling and long distances
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