Olight Javelot Pro Kit 2


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This over-complete hunting kit based on the Javelot Pro 2 includes the following items : Javelot Pro 2, magnetic remote switch ( 2 positions ) (OL SROD-7), deluxe carrying case, X-WM03 weapon mount, colour filter red, colour filter green, magnetic charging cable (MCC3) and instruction manual. The Javelot Pro 2 is a highly bundled spotlight. This spotlight has a very focused narrow beam to find targets at distances of up to 1050 metres. This makes this lamp very suitable for hunting, outdoor and emergency response. The Javelot can be operated with both the side switch and the push button at the back. Around the side switch are indicators to read the brightness and battery level in real time. The rear switch has two positions, depending on how far this switch is pressed. Also, this switch serves as a magnetic hanging and charging point for the included charging cable (MCC3). The Javelot Pro 2 can be controlled by means of a magnetic remote switch (OL SROD-7) so it can also be mounted on a firearm. The textured housing of the Javelot Pro 2 provides extra grip in all weather conditions. The light comes with a deluxe carrying case, it closes magnetically so the light stays firmly in place but is still easy to grab. Furthermore, the Javelot Pro 2 comes with a waterproof carrying case. Light modes: Turbo / 2500~1000~600 lumens / 5~180~27 minutes High / 600~150 lumens / 420~42 minutes Medium / 150 lumens / 32.5 hours Low / 15 lumens / 12 days IPX8 Water-resistant with 5-year warranty.