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Product details tracking system DOG GPS X30

DOG GPS consists of the transmitter on the dog’s collar and the receiver (handset) on which the dog handler tracks the distance and direction to the dog’s location.

The receiver can be connected to a mobile phone or tablet via wireless communication and all paired devices can be mapped via the Dogtrace GPS app on the map be viewed

DOG GPS X30 also has additional features: compass, FENCE – acoustic boundary, which gives information about the dog crossing the boundaries at a certain distance from the receiver. It also has a BEEPER (run/point) function that shows whether the dog is moving or stationary. The receiver can store its current position and then navigate to this position (the WAYPOINT ) function.


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Device features:

  • Range between the transmitter and receiver is up to 20 km in direct view
  • (depending on terrain, vegetation and other factors)
  • Tracking up to 13 dogs, hunters or waypoints
  • Highly sensitive GPS in the receiver and transmitter
  • Easy-to-read LCD display – in direct sunlight and in the dark
  • 100% waterproof receiver and transmitter
  • Long battery life – 40 hours of operation
  • 2 acoustic signal modes – training/localisation
  • 15 stimulation pulse levels (GPS X30T only)
  • Light mode for identifying the dog in the dark (GPS X30T only)
  • Switchable channels for communication between transmitter and receiver
  • Compass function
  • FENCE – acoustic border to set the area for the dog
  • BEEPER – detection of dog moving/standing still
  • Waypoint – option to save 13 coordinates from the GPS receiver – navigation to these points
  • CAR mode – mode for use of the receiver (handset) in the vehicle
  • The receiver is compatible with transmitters (collars) X20 / X20+
  • (some functions are limited)
  • Battery: Li-Pol 1900 mAh – charging

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