Hikmicro Condor CH35L Handheld Thermal Observation Camera with LRF.


The Condor CH35L thermal imaging camera from HikMicro has everything you need to show you detailed thermal images during day and night and in most weather conditions thanks to its IP67 protection level. A powerful 384×288 thermal imaging sensor with a high sensitivity of ≤20 mK creates clear images and sharp displays based on temperature differences. The 35 mm focal length provides a field of view 13.1 metres wide at a distance of 100 metres and a detection distance of 1800 metres, both best suited for field landscape. In addition, the Image Pro image optimisation sharpens the edges of objects for even clearer views. The image can be displayed in 4 colour schemes: White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot and Fusion. To determine the distance between the camera and a target, the rangefinder can take measurements up to 1000 metres.

The ergonomically shaped body of the Condor CH35L thermal imaging scope provides a comfortable grip even for prolonged observation. It can also be mounted on a tripod with the attachment point on the bottom. Easy-to-use buttons on top let you control the 1-8x digtal zoom, menu, rangefinder and on/off. The 18650 battery is rechargeable and replaceable, so you can use the thermal imager for as long as you want, provided your battery supply is adequate. To extend battery life, the display automatically turns off once the device is tilted more than 70 degrees.

HikMicro’s T-Vision app (for Android and iOS) lets you transfer files and change your settings via a Wi-Fi hotspot. Also, the app can be used to serve as a second display for the device.


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