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Nickolay Smet


My name is Nickolay Smet, born in 1990 and since childhood I have always had a special love for nature. My father is a special forester at Florenville in the Semois Valley, which to me is rightly considered one of the most beautiful regions of Belgium. As a child, it seemed obvious to me that one day I too would have the opportunity to turn my passion and love for hunting and nature into a career. What originally started as a hobby and posting a few photos on Instagram eventually became the creation of my own web shop in 2018. In less than a year, I received requests from all over Europe and more packages were sent from my garage than I could keep track of myself.

That is why I did not hesitate when, at the beginning of 2020, I was offered the opportunity to join forces with four young entrepreneurs who wanted to join me in this project and who founded a new company called ‘The Outdoor Company’. Our first step was to give, the reference for hunting in Belgium, a complete makeover. Through our information platform we want to bring hunting in a positive light and through we want to offer all aspiring hunters in Belgium the opportunity to find the necessary support to maximise their chances of passing the hunting exam.

It is with a certain pride that we have put the renewed version of online early May 2020. Hopefully you’re all as enthusiastic as I am, take a look at our renewed web shop and don’t hesitate to contact me if you haven’t found what you’re looking for, who knows I’ll find a solution soon!



Service is our strength

HUNTINGEUROPE has always set the bar high on customer service and fast deliveries. That is why we are still available 7/7 to assist our customers via e.g. facebook messenger, whatsapp but also by phone and not via automatic replies or chatbots.


We are always looking for new products worldwide which are then further tested by our product team. A good product does not always have to be expensive!

The Outdoor Company

Furthermore, we also maintain the daily blog for HUNTING.BE (reference for hunting in Flanders) and give numerous courses on our website (online learning platform for the Flemish hunting exam) including Hunting theory, hunting practice, qualified person, tracker….