Roebuck skull saw


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Saw for roedeer skull

With the sawing device, the separation of the auditory part from the rest of the skull is possible in a completely flat, symmetrical cut in one go and in the shortest possible time.

The auditory part of the skull is clamped between the right and left clamping plates, which are symmetrical to each other. The cut-outs are adapted to the shape of the skull and the two protruding holding cams engage in the eye sockets. For clamping, the two clamping plates are spread in the shape of scissors. For this purpose, they are connected to each other at the lower end by a bar which is rigidly attached to one of the clamping plates and rotatably attached to the other with a wing screw. The bar has a second hole on the rotating side so that skulls of different sizes can be clamped by moving the wing screw.